Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I order? 

Place your order via Phone or Email  -  on ordering you will be sent a quotation and a booking confirmation.

To confirm the order you are required to sign the booking confirmation and return it along with any payment required.

Is there a minimum order? 

No, we have no restrictions of quantities hired. It should be noted that sometimes quantities or item availability can be restricted due to damage, loss or out of service and we can not accept liability for circumstances beyond our control when items or quantities can't be supplied. We will however have moved every mountain to try to find a replacement or substitute when possible.

What are the prices? 

Please contact one of our sales consultants and we will respond in 24 to 48hrs with a quotation. 

How do I make Payments? 

All non account holders when hiring linen and centrepieces require a 50% deposit to secure the order with the balance to be paid on delivery and a security deposit which is 10% of the hire value or a minimum of $50.00, whichever is applicable. 

If payment is via cheque, payment must be seven (7) days prior to collection/delivery. Account Holders require a purchase order and signed booking confirmation order to secure an order and an invoice will be issued in due course.

Payment can be made by Cash, Cheque, Credit Card or Direct Debit (please see Booking Confirmation for details). 

PLEASE NOTE: Goods/Services will not be dispatched until payment is made in full. 

What is a Security Deposit? 

A security deposit may be required as security against any damaged goods. The security deposit will be refunded on return and once all goods hired have been checked. A security deposit which is % of the hire value or a minimum of $50.00, whichever is applicable will be charged on all hire goods. 

What is a Hire Period / Late Returns? 

A hire period is deemed within the Rental Documents. Where a booking takes place on a Friday or inclusive of a public holiday the order can be returned on the first working day thereafter, without incurring additional charges. Staging Dimensions may however require the items returned at an agreed and fixed time on a weekend or public holiday to meet operational needs. Any period over three (3) days and within one (1) week will be charged at our weekly rate, anything over and above this is charged at double rates. Late returns, that is failure to return goods within the contracted time period, will be charged at a percentage of the hire period. Staging Dimensions must be notified immediately of any late returns or changes to the hire of our goods. 

When can I pick up my order? 

Orders can be collected from Staging Dimensions, 30 Millway Street, Kedron, Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm on the confirmed hire date or from 10am –12 noon Saturdays via prior arrangement. 

Do you deliver? 

Yes we deliver. For details and pricing please speak with a sales consultant as rates vary depending on the destination and size of the vehicle required. 

When delivering, goods are packed in appropriate packaging and dispatched to the venue point of contact or reception/loading dock on the contracted date prior to close of business. Specific times are available via prior arrangement only and may be subject to additional charges - although we endeavour to meet these time frames, Staging Dimensions cannot be held liable for unforseen delays in transit.

Do you provide a team for set up? 

We are able to provide a specialist team to install and or dismantle all sets, props, curtains, linens and/or centrepieces. Charges for this service are on an ‘per event basis’. It is regularly more cost and sanity friendly to have our team deliver, setup and remove thus saving on damages etc.

What do I do if I lose any of the items? 

All lost and or damaged goods will be charged at replacement cost. You will be notified and you have a seven day period to settle your account, either by locating and returning shortages or payment in full for replacement.

At very festive corporate events it is worth the investment to employ security or staff to monitor exits throughout the night for guests who may "acquire" centrepiece elements, props or decor.

What do I do if I have damaged the linens? 

All damaged goods will be charged at replacement cost. You will be notified via our damages and shortages report and have a seven day period to settle your account.

In relation to linen, should we be able to remove stains you will not be charged replacement costs however you may be liable for additional specialist cleaning costs. 

We advise the following to assist in the correct care of linens: 


Please do not pack wet linens in plastic bags as damp warm conditions will lead to mildew within hours. 


Candle wax on linen can lead to stains from dyes and/or grease marks. If additional cleaning is required and as a result the linen cannot be used, charges will be made to the customer. We recommend using a mirror base under all candelabras to avoid damage from wax.  The use of waxless candles or LED style candle lights can eleminate the proble. Avoid placing candles near sources of breeze like airconditioning or doorways as this will encourage the candles to burn faster causing wax to drop at a higher rate.

Cigarette Burns: 

All burns deem the fabrics or carpets unuseable and damage or replacement charges charges will apply. 

Spray Tan:

It's important to budget a loss of possibly up to 10% of chaircovers where guests spray tan can severly stain covers especially light colours rendering them unusable.